Crane-Bel, as a global leader in Hydraulics and Machine Tools Technology, is always engineered for the success and works together with the customers in all the relevant fields of industry, to resolve the customers’ problem and make their plant, machinery and systems more reliable, more productive and with the least maintenance cost to earn better profits. At Crane-Bel we believe in technological leadership with innovation, having a customer oriented philosophy and lay more emphasis on the customers’ requirement rather than any other matter which we make secondary. Our engineers and technicians offer the undivided attention to all the customers’ requirements and subsequently, we deliver the best-suited Machines to the customers enriched with quality, productivity and long-life performance.


Crane-Bel offers user-friendly, simple and highly productive Broaching Machines requiring minimum maintenance and extending their applications to a wide field of applications. The range includes Vertical pull-type, Multi-station, Low height, Table-up, Surface broaching, Push down/C-frame type, Horizontal and Pot broaching machines. These machines are available in a wide range of capacities ranging from 3 tonnes to 75 tonnes and strokes ranging from 600 mm to 2500 mm


Crane-Bel Presses are robust, safe, productive and highly efficient in performance. These are designed keeping easy operation and maintenance in view. The hydraulic system consists of high performance hydraulic components. The product range includes C-Frame, Double/Triple Action Deep drawing, Four pillar type, Box Frame, H-Frame, Bench type presses and many other types of presses for various applications, in a wide range of capacities from 0.5 tonnes to 1000 tonnes.


Being a leading company in the business of Hydraulic Systems, Equipment and Machine Tools for more than three decades, have specialized in Innovation, Designing and Development of Various Hydraulic Machines Systems and Equipments. We use only the best quality components, Parts and Accessories of well reputed brands including Eaton Vickers, Char-Lynn, Hydrokraft, Dura Force and other world renowned brands only in our products.

Filtration, Parts & Equipment

Crane-Bel offers an indispensable product Systemguard which has been awarded the National Award in 2008-09 for the R&D efforts behind its Innovation. The portable oil filtration and purification system are for removal of all types of contamination including Particulate contamination and Ferro-magnetic contamination. Water contamination from Hydraulic and Lubrication oils. System guard offers triple filtration for on-site pro-active maintenance by systematic contamination control.


Crane – Bel offers wide range of high performance hydraulic cylinders including compact cylinders as per ISO 6020-2 in tie rod construction . Crane – Bel also offers welded construction type cylinders which are available in large size, high pressure & temperature .


Crane-Bel offers some State-of-the-art and Intelligent, Integrated stabilization and control systems and services for Aerospace, Defence and Government segments, being pride for the Nation.