Crane-Bel, as a global leader in Hydraulics and Machine Tools Technology, is always engineered for the success and works together with the customers in all the relevant fields of industry, to resolve the customers’ problem and make their plant, machinery and systems more reliable, more productive and with the least maintenance cost to earn better profits. At Crane-Bel we believe in technological leadership with innovation, having customer oriented philosophy and lay more emphasis on the customers’ requirement rather than any other matter which we make secondary. Our engineers and technicians offer the undivided attention to all the customers’ requirements and subsequently we deliver the best suited Machines to the customers enriched with quality, productivity and long life performance.

We are continuously expanding our parameters to better serve our customers varying requirements in the field of Broaching and Integration of Automation and Robotics in the Broaching machines, being our Core Segment, in addition to the other High Technology Products like Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Cylinders, Accumulators, Power-Packs and Pro-active maintenance products. We cater to the varying requirements of our customers almost in all the sectors of industries, from the complete tooled up automatic machines to the turn-key projects.